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Apprenticeship Scheme

Apprenticeship Training Scheme
(A hope for poor, School leavers, dropouts)

It is for the awareness of unemployed youth of Jammu & Kashmir that the Department of Skill Development is administering a Skilled Development Scheme called Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS). This scheme makes use of the training facilities available both in Public and Private Sector industries for imparting practical training to the desirous candidates. The purpose of this training scheme is to produce Skilled Manpower for the Industrial Development of the Country and its Economic growth. Through this scheme, any unemployed youth can undergo Apprentices Training in any designated trade in a particular Industry carrying on such related activities, provided that the person intending to undergo such training fulfills the eligibility criteria for that particular designated trade.

Salient Features of the Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS)

  1. In this training programme, a person can be engaged as an apprentice after entering into a contract of apprenticeship with an employer, by which an employer undertakes to train a person or have him trained systematically in a particular field / trade for a period the duration of which is fixed and during which the apprentice is bound to work in the Employer`s Service. The Apprentices Act, 1961 makes it obligatory upon designated employers to train specified number of Apprentices in their establishments.
  2. This training programme is controlled and regulated by the Apprentices Act, 1961 according to which it is obligatory on the part of employers of both in the Public/ Private sectors carrying on any of the specified industries and having requisite training infrastructure, to engage apprentices for the training as per the quota fixed by the State Apprenticeship Advisor and provide basic and shop floor training to Apprentices as per the prescribed syllabi/ approved programme.
  3. The expenditure incurred by any employer in connection with training of apprentices under the apprentices Act,1961 is to be allowed as a deduction for the purpose of assessment of income tax under section 37 (1) of the Income Tax Act,1961.
  4. A New Scheme “Apprentice Protsahan Yojana” (APY) was also launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister in October 2014 to bring more number of Establishments & youth under the Apprentices Act, 1961. In this scheme, stipend to be paid by the Employer will be shared equally by the Government of India for first two years of Apprenticeship training for 1, 00,000 apprentices to be engaged by the Establishments under the apprentices Act, 1961. This scheme will have its duration w.e.f. 01-10-2014 to 31-03-2017. An establishment should have the strength of at least Six in order to avail the benefit of this scheme and a maximum of two apprentices can be engaged by any establishment under this APY scheme.

Benefits to Employers

  1. No obligation to offer any employment to the Apprentice on completion of Apprenticeship training.
  2. Negligible Financial burden that too compensated by availability of additional human resources.
  3. Fulfillment of Social obligation.
  4. Readily available pool of skilled workers.
  5. Every Apprentice undergoing Apprenticeship training in an establishment is a trainee and not a worker and as such the provision of any law with respect to Labour does not apply to or in relation to such apprentices.

Benefits to Apprentices

  1. Get to learn by doing on -the -job training.
  2. Knowledge and skill imparted.
  3. Stipend ranging from Amount Rs.3675/- per month to Rs.4725/- per month is provided to the apprentices during the period of apprenticeship training scheme. Stipend to the apprentices shall be paid by the employer from where the apprentices will undergo his apprenticeship training.
  4. Every trade apprentice after completion of period of training has to appear in the trade test to be conducted by the National Council for Vocational Training twice in April and October every year. The apprentices who pass the trade test are awarded a National Apprentices Certificate in the respective trade. The Government of India have recognized the certificate for the purpose of recruitment to posts and services under the Central Government for which the trade certificate has been prescribed as the requisite qualification (vide O.M No. TC/NCT-14(2) 64 dated 13-11-1964). Similar recognition has also been accorded by the respective State Governments. The National Apprenticeship Certificate awarded under the Apprentices Act, 1961 is considered of a higher grade than the National Trade Certificate (NTC). The Ministry of Labour (DGE&T) have issued necessary instruction in this matter (vide DGET letter No. TC/NCT-14(3)/66 dated 07-02-1996) .
  5. As per the judgment delivered by the Hon`ble Supreme Court in deciding various Civil appeals, stating that the following should be kept in mind while dealing with the claim of trainees to get employment after successful completion of their training.

    (i) Other things being equal, a trained apprentice should be given preference over direct recruits.
    (ii) For this trainee would not be required to get his name Sponsored by any Employment exchange. The decision of this court in Union of India versus Hargopal AIR 1987 SC 1227 would permit this.
    (iii) If age bar would come in the way of the trainee, the same would be relaxed in accordance with what is stated in this regard, if any, in the concerned Service rules. If the Service rules being silent on this aspect, relaxation to the extent of the period for which the apprentice had undergone training would be given.

Get yourself enrolled under the scheme with the Department of Skill Development through establishment and earn your livelihood in a dignified way.

Intended candidates may approach this Directorate through Deputy Director Skill Development, Jammu/ Kashmir against the below mentioned numbers for further information in this regard:

Kashmir Division

Office of Deputy Director
Directorate of Skill Development,

Telephone : 0194-2490185
(during office hours)

Mobile of concerned Officer: 9419465711
Jammu Division

Office of Deputy Director
Directorate of Skill Development,

Telephone : 0191-2431698
(during office hours)

Mobile of concerned Officer:

Mobile of concerned Officer in Directorate of Skill Development, J&K : 9419309662

In order to provide on the job training to semi skilled workers and an opportunity to various kinds of workers to diversify their skills, it has been made obligatory for the Industries to engage Apprentices. The Apprenticeship Training Programme was made statutory by the enactment of Apprenticeship Act 1961. The Act was made applicable in the Jammu & Kashmir State from 15th of August 1968.

The Apprentices are to be paid a minimum amount during the period of on the job training to support themselves.

Training is provided in the following Trades in the State under the Scheme:

      1. Electrician
      2. Electronic Mechanic
      3. Radio & TV Mechanic
      4. Motor Mechanic
      5. Diesel Mechanic
      6. Auto Electrician
      7. Hand Compositor
      8. Book Binding
      9. Letter Press Machine Man
      10. Computer Operator & Prog. Assistant
      11. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
      12. Carpenter
      13. Welder
      14. Machinist
      15. Painter (General)
      16. Tailor General
      17. Tailor Men/Women

About 200 trainees are trained annually under the Scheme in the State.

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