Polytechnic Sector

In order to cater to the requirement of middle level workers in the industry and the engineering sector, the first Polytechnic was established in the State in the year 1958 at Srinagar. In the year 1960 a similar polytechnic was established at Jammu.

With the growth in population and the economy, it was felt that the participation of women in the labour and employment sector was far from at par with men and need was felt to provide exclusive training facilities for the Women. Thus, the first Women's Polytechnic was established at Srinagar in 1986. A similar Polytechnic was established at Jammu in 1988. Another Women's Polytechnic has subsequently come up at Jammu in the private sector.

While the Govt. was attempting to consolidate the technician training facilities in the state, as a significant development, the Private Sector entered the training sphere in a big way. This has given a tremendous boost to the area of technician training and consequently sufficient facilities are available to the youth for such trainings, within the state. It has also been thus possible to diversify the areas of training, which will consequently increase the employability of the youth at large.

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Essentially, the Courses approved by the AICTE are conducted in the Polytechnics of the State but for one Post-Diploma Course in Rural Technology, which is of 2-year duration. All other Diploma level Courses are of 3-year duration.

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