Vocational Training (VT)

Modernisation of the Vocational Training (VT) Structure in the State of Jammu & Kashmir:

As a result of the constant efforts by the Deptt., the Ministry of Labour (MOL) at the Centre, has got the long term needs of Development/ Modernization of the VT structure in the State assessed by the pioneers in the field viz. Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), Banglore. NTTF, after an in depth study in 2000, estimated an amount of Rs 66.93 Crores to be required by the State for the purpose. Based on the study, a proposal for providing of assistance to the State, on the pattern of the NE States, under a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), amounting to Rs 37 Crores in the first phase, has been approved by Ministry of Labour. The Proposals, when implemented, will grossly modernize the training facilities in this important sector that could boost self-employment, and curb unemployment in the State in a big way.

Some of the important features of the proposed CSS are:

  • 31 obsolete and unpopular trades will be deleted from the ITI's of the state, to be replaced by 69 modern trades, with scope and demand.
  • The modern concept of 'multi-skilling' will be introduced first time in the country, in the State.
  • Obsolete equipment in 102 existing trade units will be replaced by modern and more versatile equipment.
  • Short Time Courses, to cater to the requirements of different target groups, will be introduced in 17 ITI's in the state.
  • ITI's at Kulgam, Tral, Doda and Basoli will be provided with their own buildings.
  • ITI Srinagar will be reconstructed on modern lines at a more
    appropriate site in order to meet the requirements for ISO 9002 standardization of the Institute.
  • A Women's ITI will be established at Jammu and hostel facilities will be provided to the Women's ITI at Srinagar.
  • Facilities for the vocational training of women will be significantly improved by the establishment of Women's Wings in 5 ITI's, in the different areas of the state. Vocational Training, in these wings will also be provided to different women target groups.
  • Vocational Instructors of unpopular trades being wound up, will be retrained in modern/popular trades.
  • The staffing pattern in the State Directorate will be brought in line with the DGE&T pattern by covering the deficiencies.
  • The seating capacity for vocational trainings will go up to 6065 seats. This will improve the availability of seats to 1 seat for every 1670 persons in the state, which can be compared with the national average of 1 seat for every 1575 persons.

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