State Council for Vocational Training

The State Council for Vocational Training (SCVT), was constituted in the State in the year 2000.

The constitution of the Council, besides enabling the implementation of the programmes of the NCVT in the State in a more efficient way, will also make it possible to coordinate the activities of the other agencies imparting other types of vocational trainings in fields like handicrafts, agriculture and other sectors so that the duplication of activities is avoided and the efforts of the varied agencies are targeted on set goals, established after proper macro-planning. This will help in producing skilled hands, as per our actual scope and requirements, keeping the local, national and international scope, capacity and demand into view.

Important Concern

The Vocational Trainings, needs to be given the status of a priority sector, as it is with such type of trainings alone that the youth of the lesser privileged strata of the society (who form the greater bulk of the population) can take up self-employment, of one form or the other, and be able to find employment as skilled workers.

This would require significant investments in the sector so that the training standards are brought up to an outstanding level, which would enable imparting modern training to the youth. The skilled hands, produced so, would have greater acceptability and so broader vistas of employment would be opened to them.

In case of failure to respond to the situation, the youth at large, shall continue to pursue aimless education and thus keep on worsening the un-employment situation in the State which could have unforeseen repercussions in future.