Directorate of Skill Development

The Directorate of Skill Development was established in the year 1981 by the creation of a unified body for the administration and control of the Institutions imparting Technical/ Vocational Trainings in the State. The integration was felt necessary to co-ordinate the related training activities and to affect more efficient utilization of the mutual resources for the overall development of the training scenario in the State.

There were a total of 21 Industrial Training Institutes (ITI's) and 2 Polytechnics in the State at the time of the creation of the Directorate and with the growth and diversification of the activities of the Department, the number now stands at 52 ITI's and 32 Polytechnics (22 Government & 7 Private). The ITI's, providing a more fundamental type of training, are located in all the major townships of the State while as the Polytechnics, aiming at producing middle order technical personnel, are located at all the district headquarters of the UT of J&K.


The Department is the principal agency imparting varied types of technical trainings in the State. The training activities of the Deptt. are mainly centered in the Polytechnics and the Industrial Training Institutes (ITI's) and can be grouped as under:

  1. Technician Training through the Polytechnics, leading to the award of Diploma in Engineering/Non-Engineering fields.
  2. Conduct of Non-formal courses under the Community Polytechnic Scheme through Govt. and Private Polytechnics.
  3. Craftsman Training through the ITI's, leading to the award of Certificate in Craftsmanship.
  4. Introduction to the short term courses
  5. Apprenticeship Training in the field, leading to the award of Certificate in Apprenticeship.
  6. Conduct of short term courses under PMKVY 3.0.


  • Improving the quality of Staff and Infrastructure in Government ITIs/Polytechnics.
  • Improving the quality of Vocational Training through better content and better Educational tools.
  • Improving the evaluation system so as to create healthy competition among the Institutions and the Students towards Excellence.
  • Networking the Institutions so as to overcome critical gaps in Resources, if any and to ensure a cooperative, win-win situation.
  • Promoting Research and Development in Institutions so as to inculcate Entrepreneurial culture.
  • Encourage the Consultancy and promoting Industry – Institute Linkage.
  • Extending the coverage of Vocational Education and training in the state both by creation of new infrastructure, optimally utilizing the existing ones as well as extending the coverage to various section and strata of the society.


To provides quality education and training programmes in specific areas of Engineering, Technology and Management through formal and non-formal modes of delivery. The Polytechnic keeps pace with the changing times by designing new programmes, upgrading the curricula of existing programmes, developing and modernizing the infrastructure and organising staff development programmes on a regular basis.

To coordinate the efforts and Policies regarding Skill Development of the state empowering all individuals especially the youth of J&K through improved skills, knowledge, nationally and internationally recognized qualifications to gain access to decent employment and thus strengthening of economy of the state as well as fighting the problem of unemployment.


  • To act as a catalyst in projecting the students who shall act as agents of change of in the society.
  • To provide the best possible education facilities for training for bright careers in Government ITIs and Polytechnics of UT, J&K
  • To emphasize on value based education through multi-grade modern teaching methodologies and techniques.
  • To emerge as a versatile self-reliant with dynamic and competitive teaching-learning environment for the holistic development of students into efficient human resource and innovative entrepreneurs for welfare of the society.
    Skill Development Department will impart futuristic technical education and instill high patterns of discipline through our dedicated staff, making our students technologically superior and ethically strong.


Placement Cell of Directorate of Skill Development, Jammu & Kashmir