Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment:

Women's Empowerment (or female empowerment) is an important aspect which includes.

  • Accepting women's view points.
  • Making an effort to seek them and raising the status of women's through education, awareness, literacy and training.

Women empowerment gives the women an opportunity to redefine the gender role and allows women more freedom to pursue desired goals by making life determining decisions through the various social problems. It is very significant in Economic development and boosting their status in society. It also enhances the quantity as well as quality of human resources available for development. Women can gain knowledge, wisdom and insights only if they are included equally in all aspects of society i.e., equal representation of women, which can also address the issue of gender inequality. Nations, businesses, communities and groups may benefit from implementing programs and policies that adopt the notion of female empowerment. Education is not universally available and gender inequalities persist. A major concern in many countries is not only the limited numbers of girls going to school, but also the number of educational pathways for those that step into the classroom. There are efforts to address the lower participation and learning achievement of girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Steps taken by the Department of Skill Development towards Women Empowerment

The Department of Skill Development has taken various steps in fulfilling its role towards Women Empowerment by establishing institutes exclusively for women, introducing courses/trades particularly for female candidates by establishing women wings and also kept a provision for reservation of seats in each trade in every institute. We believe that skill education plays a significant role in women empowerment by making them economically independent.

Steps taken by the Department of Skill Development for Women Empowerment